‘’ Career Path Struggles ’’

So I recently graduated from college with an Associates degree ! I am proud of what I was able to accomplish, since it was a struggle to get here. Now, even though I graduated and have hopes on continuing a specific path, I still feel lost and confused. Am I making the right career choice ? Is there something out there that’s truly meant to be for me ? Will I waste time if I change majors now ? What am I going to do..? These and many more questions are flowing through my mind as I write, but slowly but surely I am figuring out what it is that I want, and hopefully I am able to help you as well while you may be going through the same thing.

So .. What do you want to be when you grow up

My family always told me that as a child I always envision myself being in the medical field. Once I had some knowledge of certain positions, I had decided that I wanted to be a Trauma Surgeon. Yeah, that’s right, a gluteus maximus -kicking TRAUMA SURGEON. I honestly don’t know why seven year old me decided on that, but I did and I was happy at the time with my choice. Then high school happened, and just threw that dream to the curve. I thought I was very well in depth in my knowledge of medical jobs, but I was wrong. As it turns out there were doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist, medical researchers, and much more!

I know, I know … Why didn’t I just stick to my original dream job

With my knew profound knowledge, I was so worried that the job I had dreamed of, may have not been the job that I wanted to end up with. See, since I grew older, my maternal and wild little heart came out, and I was in my years of discoveries. Heck I AM STILL DISCOVERING NOW ( Sorry for screaming, but I just wanted to make that point across; That no matter what age you’re at, it’s never too late to start something new or feel lost in this world filled with endless opportunities) ! Anyhow, high school was the time for me to explore my abilities, and I don’t mean drinking or doing other things of such, but actually seeing what I was able to accomplish or be. I wanted/ want a career that will not only help me have a family of my own, but the one where I will be happy going to everyday for the rest of my life both spiritually and financially. Being a trauma surgeon was just not in the cards for me, and that’s alright, because somethings are just not meant to be.

Trauma surgeon was out, nursing was the one that got away… then came ‘’ La otra ‘’

Nursing is such an incredible field to be part of, psssst, I might even do it later on in life since it actually because one of the loves of my life, but as of right now in 2019 it’s just not the one for me.. But when I decided to no longer pursue nursing, it actually broke my heart ( think of it as the one that got away). This was a hard choice to make because I really, truly, see myself being a nurse. I even graduated high school with my C.N.A. ( Certified Nurse Assistant ) license and began right away working as one. And if we are being completely honest, even though being a C.N.A is one of the most challenging nursing roles since we have to do plenty of things that most will find disgusting; I still freaking loved every minute of it.

But during my college years things took a turn… I was failing chemistry lecture and HORRIBLY; And trust me when I tell you that I did everything to pass those chemistry classes I failed, but no matter what I just never could.. And that’s alright. I finally came to terms with the phrase ‘’ that’s alright ‘’ ( and I don’t mean it as its emotional sister ‘’ I’m fine’’ ), because in reality it is alright when something just doesn’t happen. We can’t force something to happen because remember what I said before, ‘’Some things are just not meant to be.’’ But this doesn’t mean that maybe later on in life I can’t give this a try again if the cards finally align right. So I guess we will see… but as of now ‘’ La otra ‘’ has appeared in my life.

I think I found my passion

‘’ La otra ‘’ aka Speech Pathology, is a career path that fell into my life when I need it something to help me through. But somehow, it wooed me over. I am now head over heels with becoming an SLP, and I really feel that I found the one in the medical field. This is a career that will allow me the opportunity to help people communicate, which for me is something that should be available for everyone no matter if you are rich or poor, with disabilities or not; Communication is key to everything that we do. Mind you, communication isn’t just about verbal or nonverbal, it’s also about social, cognitive, expressive and much more. Growing up and till this day, my biggest dream has always been to just help people any way that I can, and these past 22 years of my life have shown me that in order to help people you don’t necessarily have to be a nurse, surgeon, police, firefighter, etc. to do so. There are so MANY DIFFERENT ways to help people, and each job no matter what field is rewarding enough. This career choice, truly is what I had been waiting for in the sense of helping people, and trying to find a way to make a difference. I get to be a teacher and a nurse mix in one, and I get to be creative with what I do !!!For more information on SLP you can see the links below

But wait …. There’s more though

One thing that I haven’t mentioned yet, is that I am also a very creative ball of fluff. The ‘’arts’’ have always been something that I wanted to explore, but unfortunately never got the chance to do so….. UNTIL NOW. When I finally decided what I wanted to be ( at least when it comes to the medical field) , this little voice inside my head was telling me ‘’ but wait… There’s more ?’’ Like WHAT ? What do you mean there’s more ?? Then all of a sudden I bought a camera, bought a domain, and decided to take a risk when it came to photography and writing. Which later on just got me more confuse as to what I wanted to be because this came more naturally. See I always liked taking photos, writing, playing instruments, singing , dancing, etc. basically anything in the ‘’arts’’ field makes me happy, and now that I finally had the opportunity to decide and explore, this so called ”hobbies” were starting to scare me because of how great they made me feel. Due to this new found self-revelation, I am stuck in my career struggles… But with the abundance of opportunities that are out there, is it really so bad to want to try them all ??

… I mean .. here I am .. typing this article

Decisions, as well as an inconclusive conclusion

So far, we’ve learned that I am indecisive, and… well mostly that. But in this life, it’s sometimes okay to be that way. There are so many opportunities knocking at our doors every single day, and if we only have one life.. Why not give them a chance ? Please do keep in mind, that this for me is regarding jobs, school, dreams, goals opportunities ( not other types of * cough cough* opportunities), but the point is that it’s okay to feel indecisive. It’s okay to not know where you are in life, and you shouldn’t feel discouraged for not having everything all set and done. For some people, these goals they aspire , it may take longer than others, and as I’ve quoted

‘’ In this race called life;
Remember that it’s not about who finishes the race is quicker/ or glorifying just one achievement,
It’s about actually MAKING it to the finish line/ and glorifying the journey that you went through that matters most.’’

– Nicki Wonders

So yes, take advantage of those little moments that may lead up to something big.
Yes, take risks when it comes to accomplishing your goals.
Yes, go right ahead and feel scared and excited at the same time.
Yes, fail multiple times and get back up.
Yes, to all of this so that you can push yourself to reach for those things that you wish to accomplish… because you never know until you try, so why not try as much as you can in the amount of time that you can get
On top of all of this, please remember that if you do try, and things don’t succeed the way you wanted them, that’s okay too. Not everything that we try we are meant to conquer. Sometimes not achieving certain things actually help shape who we are, and help lead us to where we need to be. Try, but don’t force something to happen, because what’s meant to be will be meant and if it isn’t, then take it as a learning tool for your life.

For more information/ or a video of this blog on career struggles, follow me on YouTube or podcast @asknickiwonders

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